Basic Tips For YouTubers

The first step to becoming popular on YouTube is to buy YouTube views. The second step is to have enough knowledge about making videos.

Use a stand. Trusting our pulse is often a serious mistake because we move too much, even involuntarily. In fact, the amount of trepidation can become ridiculous in a recording. And although some movie recording styles or series do so, it is best to avoid jolts as much as possible. So a tip to record videos is to use a tripod. There are many types of tripods, so no matter what type of camera or smart phone you have, there is always a solution. Even if you do not have a tripod, you can make one yourself.

Leave the zoom alone. Another of the tools by the cameras (especially of the compact ones) that can cause you a serious esthetic problem is the zoom. In the more advanced cameras (and the higher range) the zoom may not be such a serious problem, but most of the time it is better to avoid it and prevent problems with image quality by avoiding zoom altogether.

If you are thinking of using the zoom on a smartphone, it is time to revaluate if you really want to make a high quality video. There is not such an advanced zoom on a smart phone: not even from the iPhone line. So another tip to record video on smart phone is avoiding this tool, at least in videos that are meant to look good.

Unlike backlit photography, the video is not so … impressive. In general, backlit photography is often a somewhat difficult technique to master because it requires a kind of silhouettes that are worthwhile and an extremely striking background. Recording a backlit video is even more complicated because the silhouettes are constantly changing position and may eventually become underexposed subjects rather than remaining black shapes (which is ideal). Another tip to record video is to stay away from these types of scenes if you do not have the right equipment or technical tools.

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On the other hand, if you come across a sunrise or sunset and a couple of people and elements in backlight, it may be a good time to try. Just try not to create shadows without form in the next part of the video.

Do not use the built-in flash, especially if it is your mobile phone. Flashes on smart phones tend to have very poor results: either they leave the characters in the recording overexposed and the rest make it underexposed, or they make everything look yellow. You can use it, of course, if it is informal videos or where you really need a little light. As for professional cameras, it is best to use external flashes that provide you with dignified lighting. You can incorporate both natural light and artificial light and tools to help it be less dense: as reflectors or light diffusers.

With these tips, you will only need to buy YouTube views a few times before you build a real audience!